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Ashbelthor reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed -- Ultimate Sith Edition (PC)

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Ashbelthor said...

The game has an amazing premise.
Up until this game, all the other action games in the Star World universe only allowed you to take control of a Jedi fighting for the light side, destroying the bad guys and ultimately, bring peace.
And all of that changes in this game.
You control "Starkiller", Lord Vader's young new apprentice, under the false belief that Vader saved you from the people who killed your parents.
The game is filled with immense amounts of action and gore. Starkiller cuts and slashes through armies of creatures as they were butter, electrifies them and throws them around, just for fun.
So, up until this point, the game sounds good.

The original game, "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", was released for the consoles.
It was developed, designed, and marketed towards console players. And what a good job the developers did. So well in fact that 3 DLC (Downloadable Content) packs were released for the game.
However, wanting to take advantage of the hype and the good name the game received, the makers decided to re-release the game, with the aforementioned DLC packs, to gain some more sales I assume.
Now, a new platform was intended to be supported, the PC.

I was more than delighted to hear these news, since I really enjoyed the films and some other games in the universe and I don't own any of the current-gen consoles.
I went out to buy the game and install it. It took a while since the game is VERY big. About 28Gb big. Some older games had to go. But it's ok, because it's Star Wars! It received very good reviews on the consoles, so It's gotta be worth it, right?

After a very long installation, it finally finished. I can now go on to play.
I open the launcher. and I see only 1 option regarding graphics, the resolution.
Weird, usually if there's a launcher, the graphics options are in it. Oh well, they are probably inside the game, in the "options" menu.

So I launch the game, it stutters horribly, both graphics and sound. On the main menu of the game! The graphic options must be maxed and it must use sound software acceleration, I'm thinking.
But what's this? "options" menu only gives me 4 options, 3 sound options (music, voices and effects sound levels) and 1 graphics options. A brightness one.
Well GEE, thanks a lot Aspyr! So generous of you to allow me to change the brightness level! Oh, and I can ALSO change the sound levels?! God almighty! This game is REVOLUTIONARY! It makes Daikatana weep near this game!

So, joking aside, I was thinking, maybe the developers were in a rush and forgot to add these options into the game? Unlikely, but possible.
I remember a few techniques I used in other games the get complete control of the settings.
One way is to type commands into the game's console. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot.
No luck there.
Another trick, is to look for the game's configuration file and edit it with notepad, it's usually called "config.ini", but always a .ini file.
Doubtful, I opened the search option, typed ".ini" into the search field and searched in the game folder.
As expected, nothing was found.
I tried the My Documents folder of the game. Same outcome.

It seems there is no way (besides modding the game engine, which I have no idea how to do) to change the game's graphic settings, beside the oh-so-needed-brightness level (which can usually be changed manually from the monitor).
I am very disappointed, as I am unable to play this game for the time being. I hope an official patch or maybe a community mod will help me here, but I'm skeptical, as the game has been released this way.

To summarize, this is a very bad port, which should be avoided unless you are completely certain you can handle the max settings.

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    Star Wars universe
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    bad guy
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