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Games on Demand coming to Games for Windows LIVE

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Ashbelthor said...
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For those interested, Microsoft will be offering full games for download through their Games for Windows LIVE system.
4 games have been announced which will be available at 15th of Dec.
Tinker and Texas Hold Em' will be available to download for free while Osmos and World of Goo for a one time fee, no costs have been announced yet as of this moment.
Windows XP and Windows 7 have been confirmed to support Games on Demand, no news so far for Vista. Sorry Vista users.

You know what this means for PC gamers, more achievements!
Is Microsoft trying to compete with Steam? How will steam react to this move? Only the future will tell. I'm just happy there are more games available. :D
Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em (PC)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Card Game
Release Date:
World of Goo

World of Goo (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date:

Tinker (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date:

Osmos (PC)

Release Date:
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Cool beans.
Urgh i hardly ever use Games on Demand from my xbox anyway, all my games are cheaper to buy in a store than over LIVE
@Mishy Yeah, there's really no reason to buy Xbox games on the 360, you can usually find a cheaper tangible copy.
Did I mention more achievements? :D
@EarthboundX: you're totally right. Most games are 30$ on download. Sure, you don't have to put the disc on the drive, but that's the average price of a game 6-12 months after release. Splinter Cell Double Agent for 30$? Sure, it's probably a good game, but I can find it cheaper without trying, even new.
you think tahts bad? Mass Effect $100. . .

Lemme think about that... ummm... no..
@Ashbelthor XD Really?! More achievements?! Hurray! XD
Mass Effect 100? I just got a new copy for under 15 bucks.

Though if they can give achievements to the downloaded copies, there shouldn't be a reason they can't add them to retail copies.
@EarthboundX Maybe an achievement for buying from microsoft? lol
You know what they should try next?
Make the Games for Windows Live API less lame so that more game makers will go for it and maybe we can get some good games available.
Meh it think is just another why so Microsoft can make more money instead of the developers getting the money because they would end up selling the rights also the publisher for them to be able to see there also.
@Amarantz Of course it's a way to make money, but, the developers gain from this eventually.
Take World of Goo for instance, both Valve and Microsoft got it for sale. It's better than advertising the game on their own.
Also, the competition between Microsoft would also benefit many developers, as in exclusives and whatnot. @ComradeRavenhawk Yeah, it's pretty simplistic and non-friendly for developers (or so I've heard), and it also looks very plain and boring to the user. Cool thing is that it might change, because I'm starting to see more and more games support it.
If the gamers need anything, then/than/thong its more achievements. I'm looking forward to the following achievements "You made your first step", "You made your second step", "You went up a ladder", "You went down a ladder", "You went up staris", "You went down stairs", "You picked up a weapon", "You shot your first shot", "You shot your second shot", "You talked to someone", "You talked to someone else", "You saw a cutscene", "You saw 2 cutscenes", "You achieved a achievement" and of course "The game crashed for the first time".
But on the other side its good news to have some more competition in the game on demand sector. We'll see how this will ... play out.
On a sidenote: I never use any Games on Demand serive, so I don't really care that much.
Yeh bebeh, I alreay play the game called Tinker. I download it through window update. The game is great and fun though! XD
I think I'd rather pay a lot less and have to deal with a physical disc in my 360 (despite the fact that my 360's disc drive sounds like a jet engine) than have the convenience of a game I can play from the HDD.
@mykalgaidin Pssh, this is about Windows, not the 360...
@mykalgaidin BTW, what does your new avatar say? Can't see the words.
Wait, I see, haha, funny.
Games on Demand is on Xbox Live, and as it is a relatively recent addition, my comment is still valid.

And this isn't a new avatar. Long time members will recognize it as the very first avatar I ever used on gDNA. And it's still just as funny now as it was then.
@mykalgaidin I know, I don't know why, but I keep getting you mixed up with dowekeller, who doesn't own any consoles.
@mykalgaidin But your comment is not related to this thread.
And don't you dare gimme that "the system doesn't matters law" thing either haha.
So I may assume you don't like steam and D2D either?
And I had no idea you look like a metal band singer.
@Ashbelthor This thread is more about the merits of digital distribution. I'm all for convenience, but I still would rather have a physical copy of a game, as my rights as a consumer aren't as constricted. When I own a physical copy, I can play it on any system I want, anywhere, at anytime, without having to secure permission beforehand. When it's a digital copy, the publisher tells me how many machines I can install it on, how many times I can install it, etc.. So, unless digital distribution prices drop drastically (a minimum of 15% below retail) I'm going to stick with physical copies.

And yes, this avatar is me. I'm also 6'4" and built like a wall. Been thinking of dressing as Nathan Explosion for Halloween next year. I'll have to get a wig, though. At least until I can grow my hair out again. Apparently employers prefer "clean-cut" employees.
@mykalgaidin DRM doesn't work that way. With either a digital or physical copy of the game, you can only install it a number of times. It suck, I know, and I hate it too, but with the mass negative response companies using that protection got, less companies use it.
@Ashbelthor Or you can just get a crack for it, I see no problem with that, if you own a game, you should be able to play it!
@EarthboundX Don't you think it's silly you need to break the law in order to play a game you paid for? I seriously hate DRM.
@Ashbelthor I don't see how it's breaking the law, you already bought the game, I haven't actually used any cracks on games I own, but I've been told you can do that. Cracks aren't actually illegal from what I understand.
Not sure we're talking about the same kinda cracks. But I don't know. I mean these type of cracks.


According to them, their cracks aren't illegal.
Yeah, Fixed exes.
I guess the article is referring to the whole software, rather than the executables required to run it.
I still hate DRM.
@Ashbelthor Yeah, so do I.
It's here people! Get it while it's hot!

So far only Tinker is available, but the rest will come I'm sure.
It fails.
The slow, Marketplace browser is slower than IE, and you have to download, then install later.

I really see nothing in this being better than Steam which I currently use.

BTW: You can't use PayPal to purchase games either.
@Zedo-P-Mann Yep, but, if somehow games end up cheaper on there, I'll definitely rather get them there.
Oh great, so this crappy service is staying?
It'd at least be.. semi-not lame if it was more than a marketplace. Like if you could communicate to your live friends via it or something
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