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Ashbelthor's gameplay for Gears of War (PC)

Ashbelthor earned achievements in Gears of War

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Ashbelthor said...
  • frustrated
Anyone wants to pass the co-op campaign on hard with me? I hate the comp A.I.
Gears of War

Gears of War (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 06/NOV/07
93 minutes
+20 points
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Does the PC version let you get achievements? A friend gave me his copy, since his computer couldn't handle it.

Though he didn't give me the CD key, so I'm scared to link my Gamertag to it, don't wanna get it banned.
Yep, PC version uses LIVE so it has achievements.
Don't bother installing, you need a serial to play online. I don't think it will ban your gamertag, never heard of such a case anyway.
How were you planning on installing it without a cd key?
When he gave it to me, he said he'd get me the code, he didn't.
Either way, I'll try to get the code from him, I played some co-op when I rented the 360 version, pretty fun.
Plus I've heard you can use one GFWL code for all Live online games, and I have my Batman: AA code, so I could try that if I can't get the code from my friend.
You would be right about that.
Except for Section 8, my friend said it didn't work for him.
Hmm, I've been hearing the PC version has a problem with disappearing game saves, or is that problem fixed by now? I'm trying to install it now, it's been having problems, I cleaned the disc, and I'm trying again.
Well I can't install it, so looks like I won't be able to join you.
Think I see the problem, other then some scratches, there seem to be some small dents in the disc, oh well, least I didn't play money for it.
So that's why he gave you the game lol
The only time my save file disappeared was when I uninstalled the game.
He said it wouldn't work on his computer, not a good enough computer to play it. I guess he must have left the disc lying around once he found that out, and it got damaged.
You' be surprised how some people treat their games, not me though, all the games I bought new are still flawless.
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